Ignite Life offers an extensive range of Corporate Experiences and Interventions that will create an invigorating and positive attitude in your company.

We specialize in the following areas:

  1. Team Intervention and Development - being process driven or pure active and adventurous fun, Ignite Life team experiences are creative and enhances individuals and teams.

  2. Corporate Events and Product Launches - Ignite Life offers revolutionary and amazing experiences, offering visitors and participants a personalized experience and engulfing each individual in an intense energy for life.

  3. Inbound and Outbound Incentives and Rewards - what better way to say thank you to your teams who has achieved the near impossible in sales, than a well deserving once in a lifetime experience at some far, far away destination. Ignite Life is partnered with only the best to ensure a unique experience.

  4. Hospitality Options - Team breakaways, or Exco meetings undisturbed and relaxed, or just a time to relax and bond for better understanding of each other.

  5. CSR - The majority of the Ignite Life programs take place in marginalized and disadvantaged communities throughout Southern Africa. In an effort to include as many individuals and companies in the experience of humanity and fellowship, Ignite Life offers various participation options to corporate institutions abroad. Corporate institutions can become involved by funding programs or individuals in scholarships. For further information on becoming involved, please contact us directly or download our Sponsorship.pdf.

Corporate Programs

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