The Ignite Life education program provides assistance to students from poor rural communities to access education. Ignite Life provides students with support and development programs to enable success with their tuition. It aims to develop confident youths, with capacity and sound values.

The Ignite Life education program itself is not a bursary scheme. It calls on various mechanisms and stake-holders to assist poor students and it provides scholarship opportunities within the main program.

Ignite Life education enables young people from poor rural communities in Southern Africa to access education. Youths from these communities are usually unable to access education due to poverty, lack of information and distances from urban educational centers. Through education young men and women can escape poverty and uplift their families.

Ignite Life meets this essential need in Southern Africa by carefully selecting rural learners who meet program specific requirements. In addition, a proven package of support is provided to give them the best chance of success. Without this support many of these learners would be unable to fulfill their potential, succeed with their studies, find employment and  make a contribution to the development of their country.


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