Ignite Life's Youth programs empowers participants to face life's challenges, fears and problems. It teaches a way of life and in doing it, develops the wisdom to learn from life. It teaches acceptance of things you cannot change and the willpower to change those you can.

The defining characteristic of an Ignite Life program is a conscious and overt goal to expand the self, to learn, grow and progress towards the realization of human potential.

Ignite Life programs may teach skills, but the teaching of these skills are not the primary goal. The exploring of the self and the world that comes from self acceptance is the essence.

Ignite Life For the Youths

Ignite Life
Wilderness Schools

Dqae Qare
Wilderness School
Youth Brochure

YEA Scholarship
(Youth Educational Assistance)

(Intervention Scholarship Program)

Ignite Life Program Areas:
Youth Development
Community Development
Adjudicated Youth Intervention

Ignite Life Program Goals:
Personal development
Team development 
Intercultural relations
Personal growth
Individual goal setting
Relationship building
Anti-social behavior and crime intervention
and more...

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